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Tips For Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is a tricky issue when it comes to different areas of your house.  For example, you will want to have a warm and inviting light in your living room when you have guests or are entertaining.  In the bedroom you may want to have some side lighting to read or do work in bed.

One of the most controversial rooms in the house where it comes to lighting is the bathroom.  There are many things that you need to consider when looking into bathroom lighting poughkeepsie ny options.  The first thing that you want to look at is how many people will be using the bathroom.  If it is, you then the lighting options become simpler since your needs are the primary concern.  If there will be others that will use the bathroom then it becomes a little more complicated.

The main light

The main light needs to be subtle but present.  You may want to have a soft light that isn’t going to be harsh on the eyes when you turn it on.  The last thing that you want to have happen is to become blinded using the bathroom for your late-night pee.

Mirror lights

In your bathroom you will have a stronger light around your mirror.  If you have a female in the house, then this will help them apply makeup and to do fine work on their face.  The stronger light is good for vision.

bathroom lighting poughkeepsie ny


In your bathroom you will want to have candlelight that will set a romantic and or relaxing mood.  When sitting in the tub you will want to have a soft light that will allow you to see but won’t be harsh on the eyes.  If using candles, make sure to be extremely careful.  You will want to consider tea lights compared to tall candles.  You want to be safe just as well as relaxed.