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Fighting Ticks

Fighting ticks is a job we all have to do when we go out in the summer months.  Ticks are nasty creatures that if not taken care of can cause great harm and disease.  This is why many people seek out a tick exterminator norman professional for help in these situations.

Stay inside

This is something that most of us have been doing lately due to a number of different reasons.  With this being said going outside is one of our top priorities and should be done safely.  If you go outside you will want to wear long sleeve clothing, long socks and wear bug repellant.  These won’t guarantee that you won’t come in contact with a tick but they are a level of protection.

Stay away from breeding grounds

You will want to stay away from breeding grounds.  These will be tall grass, standing water and areas that have food and water for ticks.  If you travel in the woods, try to avoid areas that are unmaintained by sticking to paths and public walk areas.  These are areas that will be less likely to contain ticks.

Watch the spraying cycle

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Public areas and areas that are heavily populated will typically be sprayed for ticks and other pests on a regular basis.  You want to avoid these areas right before and immediately after being sprayed.  Before they are sprayed, they will be in their largest grouping of population.  Right after being sprayed they will be most active in trying to escape the area which means they may most likely will attach themselves to you.

Watch your pets

You will also want to watch your pets and their activity.  See when they go outside and where they go.  If you have pets, try to keep them contained in your yard and don’t allow them to travel free into other yards.  If you monitor what they do and where they go then the risk of infection is lowered.